Keith “Bubbas” Nahanee is born and raised in North Vancouver. He comes from a large family of the Squamish Nation. Due too the large family this is where he gets his sense of humour.

Keith started by entertaining at family get together and branching out into the community. Keith has always been into comedy since he can remember. Watching all of the comics in the 1980’s as a youth: Eddie Murphy, George Carlin and Robin Williams to name a few.

Keith loves entertaining people to make them laugh. He organizes his own shows on and off the reservations and has worked in partnership with community theatres. Every opportunity he gets to bring laughter into a community he does his best. With his passion with laughter, He loves telling jokes, stories and involving some of the audience members.

Some shows he will mingle with the audience before the show starts. Keith has some interactive games that he incorporates into his show. Certain games he can have 1 – 10 participants at a time. All depending on the size and length of the show. Keith has performed at a number of all native comedy nights, comedy night at pubs and casinos, open mic, birthday parties, fundraisers and Christmas staff parties.

Bubbas comedy show has minimum of two comics, along with Bubbas, and a show from 1-3 hours long. Keith has a number of comics, female and male; he can take with him to do a show. The show can be tailored to all native show, or mix it up with anyone that the costumer is open too.